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Knowledge and information open the door for new opportunities.

BTC League is a support and education environment for all those who do not want to miss the opportunities created by one of the largest technological revolutions in the history of the world. It is not too late to take an advantage of this great turnaround and build your own capital portfolio in the most trendy industry of our time. As BTC League we stand for education and information to level up the chances for everyone.

Regardless of the level of knowledge and sophistication, we invite you to use the resources of our club.


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Trading Signals

The international team of analysts and researchers we work with show us the best opportunities on daily basis.

Constant support

The BTC League has established permanent partnerships with cryptocurrency market experts (including CryptoMedics).

Market Analysis

You can know the current market situation and learn to understand and anticipate market trends.


Thanks to our ever-growing training resources you can learn how to use, trade and invest. Knowledge is a key to succeed.

ICO Reviews

We work with the best projects by negotiating special conditions for club members in the event of an investment.

Passive income

We inform you on a regular basis about cryptocurrency projects that offer fixed passive income and / or dividend payments.

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We have a highly qualified team to provide you with all you need to start and profit.


Jacek Dudzic

Chief Executive Officer

Przemek Szczęch

Chief Marketing Officer

Piotr Kowalski

Chief Creative Officer

Sławomir Bednarek

UK Market Manager

Damian Ciszek

Signals and Analysis

Maciej Harcej

Chief Market Analyst

Mariusz Ostrzyżek

Community Manager

Mikołaj Dudzic

VIP Support Manager


Chceck the current BTC value in major currencies: USD, Euro, GBP oraz PLN.

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